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A game by team Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch made for Emotional Game Jam 2017.

Winner of the Emotional Game Jam 2017.

*Updated! v1.2.3 Changelog*

- Close All notes Button

- New Pause Menu with options

- Redesign of the main hub on the island to make it clearer

- New animations added

- Various Bug Fixes

The Story

You're lost on a mysterious island and amnesia strucks you as you wake up on a deserted shore.

You don't know where you are yet but you do remember your wife who seems missing here.

Look out for clues, explore the islands and learn about the dreadful story someone had here by reading notes.


To open the game, unzip the folder then click on the main executable.

To play, use the mouse, when you see a small hand it means that you can use something there.

Collect notes and items ; you can open your inventory by clicking on the backpack in a corner.

To pause, press Esc.

( Tip : Help will always be given to those who ask for it!)


Game Design:

Yann Esclapez & Edwin Haragova

Game Art:

Axel Mounier & Pierre Quéru

Sound Design & Music:

Edwin Haragova


v1.2 Changelog

- New content added with a new island, 5 new canvas, new enigmas and objects!

- The story continues with new notes added

Traduction en français ! (French translation)

- Tons of bugs and glitches fixed

- New help and clue system

- Updated menu with volume and language options

- Pause menu (Esc)

v1.1 Changelog

- Various bugs and errors fixed

- Collisions fixed

- Music Updated

- Help Button added (WIP)


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I decided to play this game due to the neat art style catching my eye. Although I'm not the best at point and click adventures, I really enjoyed the atmosphere you created in this game, and the story that was presented alongside it. I uploaded my experience with it to Youtube and thought it would be appropriate to share it here. I tend to freak out over the smallest things so I hope it makes for an entertaining viewing experience of me playing your game. I hope you will continue to make even more wonderful games in the future. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your future work!

Thank you to have test our game and for this video ;) !! It is interesting to see what it works and what don't works ^^'. Thanks a lot ;)

You're welcome! I enjoyed the experience a lot! :)

I just saw your video, it was really great ! We still need to fix some things, but you did great ! Thank you <3

You're welcome and thank you! I enjoyed the experience! :3